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Liner Notes-

“There aren’t many singers who can make the transition from musical theatre to the intimate nightclub scene as easily and as beautifully as Nina. Listen closely and you’ll hear what I mean- Nina Knows!”  Marilyn Maye


Ever since her last Broadway show, Bye Bye Birdie, closed; Nina has been cookin’ up something new. It began when Marilyn Maye and Don Rebic met Nina in the rehearsal studio to play through her book of favorite songs.


Last fall, dear friend and fellow musician, Nick Cerrato  booked Nina and me for a gig. It was a perfect opportunity to feature Nina and her “new” book of songs. We called Don to be our MD/ pianist and Jeff Ganz to play the bass. In spite of us all being old friends, this was the first time we’d played together in this configuration.


  It turned out that the gig took place three days after my dad passed away and less than 24 hours before hurricane Sandy hit. Nobody cancelled!!!  The music we made that day was astonishingly good. We had serious chemistry and commitment. Nick said, “You have to keep doing this!” Well, we did, and we asked Sean Harkness to join us on the way.


Nina has to sing. It’s programmed in her DNA. It’s like breathing to her. She has a gift of an incredible voice. I’m so glad she is sharing it with us all on this CD.


Here she is…”With A Song” …or fifteen of ’em!


Ray Marchica




My notes-

Life is short. It took a long time to get here. I’d like to make sure that those I am beholden to know that I am grateful. I’d like to thank Scott Barbarino, Fred Barton, Elena Bennett, Raissa Katonah Bennett, Bernie Furshpan, Terese Genecco,  Mark Janas, Smoke Jazz, Barry Levitt, Tanya Moberly, String of Pearls, Shaynee Rainbolt, Ruby Rims,  and John Znidarsic for the support and a stage to try out my new developing material and  Deb Berman, Mark Berman, Paul Binotto, George Brescia, Willie Burke, Terry Burrell, Jeffrey Campbell, Nick Cerrato, Kimberly Chesser, Jeff Clonts, Diane Coad, Dr. Bob Epstein, David Finck, Eric Michael Gillett, Morris Goldberg, Sue Goodman, Blair & Mitzie Hennessey, David Hibbard, Tom Hubbard, Rose Inghram, Rodney Jones, Terri Klausner, Laura Kravets, Paolo Marchica, Steve Marzullo, Marilyn Maye, Faith Mercuro, TheKrasnyOffice, J.P. Perreault, Seth Rudetsky, Maddy Ruff, Ellen Saland, Pam Sousa, Mark Soskin, Lynn Sterling, Deborah Tranelli, David Wikstrom, Gregory Wikstrom, Micah Young, and Andrew Zerman for your excellent craft, tolerance, many conversations, questions answered and asked, sharing, friendship, wisdom, talent, and example .To Henry Krieger, Ron Melrose, Paul Bogaev, Andreas Vollenweider, Richard Jay Alexander & Darryl Pitt, thank you for so much at the start. To Pam Cecil, Charlie Bugbee, Tom Eyen, Chris Adler, Marvin Hamlisch  and Rose Inghram thank you and I wish you were still here.

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